Welcome to Vanguard Esports!

Welcome to Vanguard Esports!

May 15 Zartan  

We would like to welcome each and everyone of you to our brand new website. It took a long time with a lot of struggles to finish but in the end we are very happy with the results. Now let us take some time to explain what Vanguard Esports is and what we’re about.

Vanguard Esports was founded in March 2017 by a small team of gamers with experience in the Esports Scene. We have the goal to recruit Benelux players and give them a chance to grow internationally. After a lot of meetings with Vanguard Esports Managers we have decided to expand to the international scene in 2018. We will have teams competing in Dreamhack, Insomnia, LanEx and many other LAN Parties as well as Online competitions.

Lastly, we would like to thank our current sponsors and partners:

  • Zelus IT Solutions: They are the company behind Virtulan and are the ones providing us a gaming house. We are very grateful to have them as one of our main partners!
  • ManateeThis is the company behind our Jerseys, Jackets, Mousepads, Snapbacks, … – They produce quality gaming gear!
  • Nitrado: The company behind our Teamspeak Server, Gaming servers and others. They have quality servers that are perfect for Esports Organisations and Gaming Communities.

Make sure to visit all our sponsors their website and give them a like/follow on their social media!

If you want to get updates about Vanguard Esports and participate in our amazing giveaways, you can follow us on:


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