Vanguard Overwatch Line-Up

Vanguard Overwatch Line-Up

Jun 05 Zartan  

We’re proud to announce our Overwatch team. This team consists of very strong players with the potential to even become better. Their first LAN together was Frag-O-Matic where they finished 5th place. They have made a lot of changes in the line-up. During Sugarlan they had even better results. Unfortunately we cannot give you these results due to the competition not being finished yet. But we are certain we will finish Top 3!

The team consists of:

  • Emiel “Stardust” Schoenaerts
  • Karel “Fluxence” Stofferis
  • Glenn “Greathfather” Pollaert
  • Nathan “Kolilibri” Langenberg
  • Matthias “Matter” Locks
  • Guillaume “HyperHydroX” De Backere
  • Coach/Manager: Jordy “Dejord” Van Marcke

We would like to thank this overwatch team for believing in us and hope to participate in a lot of tournaments with these players!

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