Sugarlan V11.0 Results

Sugarlan V11.0 Results

Jun 03 Zartan  

While our Overwatch team and hearthstone players are still competing for top places in the Sugarlan V11.0 competition.

We would like to keep you up to date with the results of our Counter Strike Global Offensive Teams.

All our teams (Pro, Belgium, Prime, Academy) made it to the Pro Brackets after an intense group stage. Vanguard Pro ended first in their group after winning three games. (16:9 vs. Infuus, 16:5 vs. AF9K.Delesta and 16:4 vs. Vanguard Prime).Vanguard Belgium also ended first in their group stage, even though their group only had three teams in total.
Vanguard Prime ended second in their group after winning two games flawlessly and losing their last game to Vanguard Pro. Our lowest tier team Vanguard Academy got second in their group even though they lost two out of three games. They had more rounds won than AF9K.xanax and OudFietskes. The Vanguard Mix team, which isn’t officially part of our organisation lost their group stages and got placed in the semi pro brackets.

Vanguard Pro won their first game in the Pro Brackets 16:4 against Peaky Blinders, this was the start of a successful tournament for this team. They kept winning all their games and have beaten Leonid Gaming and Sector One 2:0 to advance to the finals with Winner Brackets advantage (see picture). Leonid Gaming fought their way back out of the Lower Brackets to play an insane final against Vanguard pro. We took second place in the finals after losing to Leonid Gaming in an intense couple of games.

Vanguard Belgium kept fighting hard until they lost to Leonid Gaming in the Winner Bracket Quarter Finals. They tried to come back fighting through the Lower Brackets, but unfortunately lost against ComplexSimplicity. Vanguard Prime and Vanguard Academy didn’t make it far and from there the tournament was over for them.

Here is the top 3 of the Sugarlan CS:GO Tournament:

  • First Place: Leonid Gaming
  • Second Place: Vanguard Pro
  • Third Place: ComplexSimplicity


We would also like to post a statement on the internet issues that happened during the event. As many of you know Sugarlan already posted a statement here. We would like to publicly say that we keep supporting Sugarlan in every aspect. We will attend their future events and help them in every way possible to keep improving. Every event can have these issues and there is no point in trash talking the organisation since they are not responsible for the issues that happened. See you in october Sugarlan!

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