FIFA Announcements

FIFA Announcements

Jun 05 Zartan  

After a lot of meetings and a lot of discussions we are proud to announce a new FIFA manager and our first FIFA player! Our manager will be responsible of recruiting the best of the best FIFA players, while our FIFA player will be competing in different tournaments in the Benelux!

Matthias “MatthiC” Claeys will be taking the role of FIFA Manager. He was very happy when we reached out to him and he also wanted the best for his FIFA player during the meetings we had. We are personally glad that we have worked out this amazing deal with him and hope for a bright future together.


As our first FIFA player we would like to announce Gilles “Vusin” De Decker. Gilles is a high ranked FIFA player with a lot of experience in the game. Together we will work on improving Gilles even more to compete in even better and harder tournaments. This is why we will have monthly bootcamps with a hardcore practice schedule.


You can stay up to date with Vusin by liking his facebook. We will also try to get him to stream in the near future! Both at bootcamps and from home!


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